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What Can The Letters VARY Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters VARY when you unscramble them.

  • Vary (n.)
    Alteration; change.
  • Vary (v. i.)
    To alter or change in succession; to alternate; as, one mathematical quantity varies inversely as another.
  • Vary (v. i.)
    To alter, or be altered, in any manner; to suffer a partial change; to become different; to be modified; as, colors vary in different lights.
  • Vary (v. i.)
    To deviate; to depart; to swerve; -- followed by from; as, to vary from the law, or from reason.
  • Vary (v. i.)
    To differ, or be different; to be unlike or diverse; as, the laws of France vary from those of England.
  • Vary (v. i.)
    To disagree; to be at variance or in dissension; as, men vary in opinion.
  • Vary (v. t.)
    To change the aspect of; to alter in form, appearance, substance, position, or the like; to make different by a partial change; to modify; as, to vary the properties, proportions, or nature of a thing; to vary a posture or an attitude; to vary one's dress or opinions.
  • Vary (v. t.)
    To change to something else; to transmute; to exchange; to alternate.
  • Vary (v. t.)
    To embellish; to change fancifully; to present under new aspects, as of form, key, measure, etc. See Variation, 4.
  • Vary (v. t.)
    To make of different kinds; to make different from one another; to diversity; to variegate.

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