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What Can The Letters UOHSRD Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters UOHSRD when you unscramble them.

  • Shroud (n.)
    A covered place used as a retreat or shelter, as a cave or den; also, a vault or crypt.
  • Shroud (n.)
    A set of ropes serving as stays to support the masts. The lower shrouds are secured to the sides of vessels by heavy iron bolts and are passed around the head of the lower masts.
  • Shroud (n.)
    Especially, the dress for the dead; a winding sheet.
  • Shroud (n.)
    One of the two annular plates at the periphery of a water wheel, which form the sides of the buckets; a shroud plate.
  • Shroud (n.)
    That which clothes, covers, conceals, or protects; a garment.
  • Shroud (n.)
    That which covers or shelters like a shroud.
  • Shroud (n.)
    The branching top of a tree; foliage.
  • Shroud (n.)
    To cover with a shroud; especially, to inclose in a winding sheet; to dress for the grave.
  • Shroud (n.)
    To cover, as with a shroud; to protect completely; to cover so as to conceal; to hide; to veil.
  • Shroud (v. i.)
    To take shelter or harbor.
  • Shroud (v. t.)
    To lop. See Shrood.

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