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What Can The Letters TEST Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters TEST when you unscramble them.

  • Sett (n.)
    See Set, n., 2 (e) and 3.
  • Stet (subj. 3d pers. sing.)
    Let it stand; -- a word used by proof readers to signify that something once erased, or marked for omission, is to remain.
  • Stet (v. t.)
    To cause or direct to remain after having been marked for omission; to mark with the word stet, or with a series of dots below or beside the matter; as, the proof reader stetted a deled footnote.
  • Test (n.)
    A cupel or cupelling hearth in which precious metals are melted for trial and refinement.
  • Test (n.)
    A reaction employed to recognize or distinguish any particular substance or constituent of a compound, as the production of some characteristic precipitate; also, the reagent employed to produce such reaction; thus, the ordinary test for sulphuric acid is the production of a white insoluble precipitate of barium sulphate by means of some soluble barium salt.
  • Test (n.)
    A witness.
  • Test (n.)
    Alt. of Testa
  • Test (n.)
    Discriminative characteristic; standard of judgment; ground of admission or exclusion.
  • Test (n.)
    Examination or trial by the cupel; hence, any critical examination or decisive trial; as, to put a man's assertions to a test.
  • Test (n.)
    Judgment; distinction; discrimination.
  • Test (n.)
    Means of trial; as, absence is a test of love.
  • Test (n.)
    That with which anything is compared for proof of its genuineness; a touchstone; a standard.
  • Test (v. i.)
    To make a testament, or will.
  • Test (v. t.)
    To examine or try, as by the use of some reagent; as, to test a solution by litmus paper.
  • Test (v. t.)
    To put to the proof; to prove the truth, genuineness, or quality of by experiment, or by some principle or standard; to try; as, to test the soundness of a principle; to test the validity of an argument.
  • Test (v. t.)
    To refine, as gold or silver, in a test, or cupel; to subject to cupellation.
  • tets (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.

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