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More About The Unscrambled Letters TCIK

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What Can The Letters TCIK Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters TCIK when you unscramble them.

  • Tick (n.)
    A quick, audible beat, as of a clock.
  • Tick (n.)
    Any one of numerous species of large parasitic mites which attach themselves to, and suck the blood of, cattle, dogs, and many other animals. When filled with blood they become ovate, much swollen, and usually livid red in color. Some of the species often attach themselves to the human body. The young are active and have at first but six legs.
  • Tick (n.)
    Any one of several species of dipterous insects having a flattened and usually wingless body, as the bird ticks (see under Bird) and sheep tick (see under Sheep).
  • Tick (n.)
    Any small mark intended to direct attention to something, or to serve as a check.
  • Tick (n.)
    Credit; trust; as, to buy on, or upon, tick.
  • Tick (n.)
    The cover, or case, of a bed, mattress, etc., which contains the straw, feathers, hair, or other filling.
  • Tick (n.)
    The whinchat; -- so called from its note.
  • Tick (n.)
    Ticking. See Ticking, n.
  • Tick (v. i.)
    To give tick; to trust.
  • Tick (v. i.)
    To go on trust, or credit.
  • Tick (v. i.)
    To make a small or repeating noise by beating or otherwise, as a watch does; to beat.
  • Tick (v. i.)
    To strike gently; to pat.
  • Tick (v. t.)
    To check off by means of a tick or any small mark; to score.

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