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More About The Unscrambled Letters SCREEN

Our word unscrambler discovered 38 words from the 6 scrambled letters (C E E N R S) you search for!

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What Can The Letters SCREEN Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters SCREEN when you unscramble them.

  • Censer (n.)
    A vessel for perfumes; esp. one in which incense is burned.
  • Screen (n.)
    A dwarf wall or partition carried up to a certain height for separation and protection, as in a church, to separate the aisle from the choir, or the like.
  • Screen (n.)
    A long, coarse riddle or sieve, sometimes a revolving perforated cylinder, used to separate the coarser from the finer parts, as of coal, sand, gravel, and the like.
  • Screen (n.)
    A surface, as that afforded by a curtain, sheet, wall, etc., upon which an image, as a picture, is thrown by a magic lantern, solar microscope, etc.
  • Screen (n.)
    Anything that separates or cuts off inconvenience, injury, or danger; that which shelters or conceals from view; a shield or protection; as, a fire screen.
  • Screen (v. t.)
    To pass, as coal, gravel, ashes, etc., through a screen in order to separate the coarse from the fine, or the worthless from the valuable; to sift.
  • Screen (v. t.)
    To provide with a shelter or means of concealment; to separate or cut off from inconvenience, injury, or danger; to shelter; to protect; to protect by hiding; to conceal; as, fruits screened from cold winds by a forest or hill.
  • Secern (v. t.)
    To secrete; as, mucus secerned in the nose.
  • Secern (v. t.)
    To separate; to distinguish.

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