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More About The Unscrambled Letters RBUY

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What Can The Letters RBUY Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters RBUY when you unscramble them.

  • Bury (n.)
    A borough; a manor; as, the Bury of St. Edmond's
  • Bury (n.)
    A manor house; a castle.
  • Bury (v. t.)
    Specifically: To cover out of sight, as the body of a deceased person, in a grave, a tomb, or the ocean; to deposit (a corpse) in its resting place, with funeral ceremonies; to inter; to inhume.
  • Bury (v. t.)
    To cover out of sight, either by heaping something over, or by placing within something, as earth, etc.; to conceal by covering; to hide; as, to bury coals in ashes; to bury the face in the hands.
  • Bury (v. t.)
    To hide in oblivion; to put away finally; to abandon; as, to bury strife.
  • Ruby (a.)
    Ruby-colored; red; as, ruby lips.
  • Ruby (n.)
    A precious stone of a carmine red color, sometimes verging to violet, or intermediate between carmine and hyacinth red. It is a red crystallized variety of corundum.
  • Ruby (n.)
    Any species of South American humming birds of the genus Clytolaema. The males have a ruby-colored throat or breast.
  • Ruby (n.)
    See Agate, n., 2.
  • Ruby (n.)
    That which has the color of the ruby, as red wine. Hence, a red blain or carbuncle.
  • Ruby (n.)
    The color of a ruby; carmine red; a red tint.
  • Ruby (v. t.)
    To make red; to redden.

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