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What Can The Letters RARE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters RARE when you unscramble them.

  • Rare (a.)
  • Rare (superl.)
    Characterized by wide separation of parts; of loose texture; not thick or dense; thin; as, a rare atmosphere at high elevations.
  • Rare (superl.)
    Nearly raw; partially cooked; not thoroughly cooked; underdone; as, rare beef or mutton.
  • Rare (superl.)
    Not frequent; seldom met with or occurring; unusual; as, a rare event.
  • Rare (superl.)
    Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found.
  • Rare (superl.)
    Thinly scattered; dispersed.
  • Rear (a.)
    Being behind, or in the hindmost part; hindmost; as, the rear rank of a company.
  • Rear (adv.)
    Early; soon.
  • Rear (n.)
    Specifically, the part of an army or fleet which comes last, or is stationed behind the rest.
  • Rear (n.)
    The back or hindmost part; that which is behind, or last in order; -- opposed to front.
  • Rear (v. i.)
    To rise up on the hind legs, as a horse; to become erect.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To breed and raise; as, to rear cattle.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To bring up to maturity, as young; to educate; to instruct; to foster; as, to rear offspring.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To erect by building; to set up; to construct; as, to rear defenses or houses; to rear one government on the ruins of another.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To lift and take up.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To place in the rear; to secure the rear of.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To raise; to lift up; to cause to rise, become erect, etc.; to elevate; as, to rear a monolith.
  • Rear (v. t.)
    To rouse; to stir up.

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