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More About The Unscrambled Letters OOCL

Our word unscrambler discovered 6 words from the 4 scrambled letters (C L O O) you search for!

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What Can The Letters OOCL Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters OOCL when you unscramble them.

  • Cool (n.)
    A moderate state of cold; coolness; -- said of the temperature of the air between hot and cold; as, the cool of the day; the cool of the morning or evening.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Applied facetiously, in a vague sense, to a sum of money, commonly as if to give emphasis to the largeness of the amount.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Manifesting coldness or dislike; chilling; apathetic; as, a cool manner.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Moderately cold; between warm and cold; lacking in warmth; producing or promoting coolness.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Not ardent, warm, fond, or passionate; not hasty; deliberate; exercising self-control; self-possessed; dispassionate; indifferent; as, a cool lover; a cool debater.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Not retaining heat; light; as, a cool dress.
  • Cool (superl.)
    Quietly impudent; negligent of propriety in matters of minor importance, either ignorantly or willfully; presuming and selfish; audacious; as, cool behavior.
  • Cool (v. i.)
    To become less hot; to lose heat.
  • Cool (v. i.)
    To lose the heat of excitement or passion; to become more moderate.
  • Cool (v. t.)
    To make cool or cold; to reduce the temperature of; as, ice cools water.
  • Cool (v. t.)
    To moderate the heat or excitement of; to allay, as passion of any kind; to calm; to moderate.
  • Loco (adv.)
    A direction in written or printed music to return to the proper pitch after having played an octave higher.
  • Loco (n.)
    A plant (Astragalus Hornii) growing in the Southwestern United States, which is said to poison horses and cattle, first making them insane. The name is also given vaguely to several other species of the same genus. Called also loco weed.

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