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What Can The Letters LAIN Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters LAIN when you unscramble them.

  • Anil (n.)
    A West Indian plant (Indigofera anil), one of the original sources of indigo; also, the indigo dye.
  • Lain (p. p.)
    of Lie
  • Lain (p. p.)
    of Lie, v. i.
  • Nail (a.)
    A measure of length, being two inches and a quarter, or the sixteenth of a yard.
  • Nail (n.)
    A slender, pointed piece of metal, usually with a head, used for fastening pieces of wood or other material together, by being driven into or through them.
  • Nail (n.)
    The basal thickened portion of the anterior wings of certain hemiptera.
  • Nail (n.)
    the horny scale of plate of epidermis at the end of the fingers and toes of man and many apes.
  • Nail (n.)
    The terminal horny plate on the beak of ducks, and other allied birds.
  • Nail (n.)
    To fasten with a nail or nails; to close up or secure by means of nails; as, to nail boards to the beams.
  • Nail (n.)
    To fasten, as with a nail; to bind or hold, as to a bargain or to acquiescence in an argument or assertion; hence, to catch; to trap.
  • Nail (n.)
    To spike, as a cannon.
  • Nail (n.)
    To stud or boss with nails, or as with nails.

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