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More About The Unscrambled Letters HRAE

Our word unscrambler discovered 17 words from the 4 scrambled letters (A E H R) you search for!

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What Can The Letters HRAE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters HRAE when you unscramble them.

  • Hare (n.)
    A rodent of the genus Lepus, having long hind legs, a short tail, and a divided upper lip. It is a timid animal, moves swiftly by leaps, and is remarkable for its fecundity.
  • Hare (n.)
    A small constellation situated south of and under the foot of Orion; Lepus.
  • Hare (v. t.)
    To excite; to tease, or worry; to harry.
  • Hear (v. i.)
    To be informed by oral communication; to be told; to receive information by report or by letter.
  • Hear (v. i.)
    To have the sense or faculty of perceiving sound.
  • Hear (v. i.)
    To use the power of perceiving sound; to perceive or apprehend by the ear; to attend; to listen.
  • Hear (v. t.)
    To accede to the demand or wishes of; to listen to and answer favorably; to favor.
  • Hear (v. t.)
    To attend, or be present at, as hearer or worshiper; as, to hear a concert; to hear Mass.
  • Hear (v. t.)
    To give attention to as a teacher or judge.
  • Hear (v. t.)
    To give audience or attention to; to listen to; to heed; to accept the doctrines or advice of; to obey; to examine; to try in a judicial court; as, to hear a recitation; to hear a class; the case will be heard to-morrow.
  • Hear (v. t.)
    To perceive by the ear; to apprehend or take cognizance of by the ear; as, to hear sounds; to hear a voice; to hear one call.
  • Rhea (n.)
    Any one of three species of large South American ostrichlike birds of the genera Rhea and Pterocnemia. Called also the American ostrich.
  • Rhea (n.)
    The ramie or grass-cloth plant. See Grass-cloth plant, under Grass.

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