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More About The Unscrambled Letters HARDY

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What Can The Letters HARDY Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters HARDY when you unscramble them.

  • Hardy (a.)
    Able to withstand the cold of winter.
  • Hardy (a.)
    Bold; brave; stout; daring; resolu?e; intrepid.
  • Hardy (a.)
    Confident; full of assurance; in a bad sense, morally hardened; shameless.
  • Hardy (a.)
    Inured to fatigue or hardships; strong; capable of endurance; as, a hardy veteran; a hardy mariner.
  • Hardy (a.)
    Strong; firm; compact.
  • Hardy (n.)
    A blacksmith's fuller or chisel, having a square shank for insertion into a square hole in an anvil, called the hardy hole.
  • Hydra (n.)
    A serpent or monster in the lake or marsh of Lerna, in the Peloponnesus, represented as having many heads, one of which, when cut off, was immediately succeeded by two others, unless the wound was cauterized. It was slain by Hercules. Hence, a terrible monster.
  • Hydra (n.)
    A southern constellation of great length lying southerly from Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.
  • Hydra (n.)
    Any small fresh-water hydroid of the genus Hydra, usually found attached to sticks, stones, etc., by a basal sucker.
  • Hydra (n.)
    Hence: A multifarious evil, or an evil having many sources; not to be overcome by a single effort.

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