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What Can The Letters FRIT Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters FRIT when you unscramble them.

  • Frit (v. t.)
    The material for glaze of pottery.
  • Frit (v. t.)
    The material of which glass is made, after having been calcined or partly fused in a furnace, but before vitrification. It is a composition of silex and alkali, occasionally with other ingredients.
  • Frit (v. t.)
    To fritter; -- with away.
  • Frit (v. t.)
    To prepare by heat (the materials for making glass); to fuse partially.
  • Rift ()
    p. p. of Rive.
  • Rift (n.)
    A shallow place in a stream; a ford.
  • Rift (n.)
    An opening made by riving or splitting; a cleft; a fissure.
  • Rift (v. i.)
    To belch.
  • Rift (v. i.)
    To burst open; to split.
  • Rift (v. t.)
    To cleave; to rive; to split; as, to rift an oak or a rock; to rift the clouds.

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