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More About The Unscrambled Letters ETPATN

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What Can The Letters ETPATN Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ETPATN when you unscramble them.

  • Patent (a.)
    A document making a grant and conveyance of public lands.
  • Patent (a.)
    A letter patent, or letters patent; an official document, issued by a sovereign power, conferring a right or privilege on some person or party.
  • Patent (a.)
    A writing securing to an invention.
  • Patent (a.)
    Appropriated or protected by letters patent; secured by official authority to the exclusive possession, control, and disposal of some person or party; patented; as, a patent right; patent medicines.
  • Patent (a.)
    Open to public perusal; -- said of a document conferring some right or privilege; as, letters patent. See Letters patent, under 3d Letter.
  • Patent (a.)
    Open; expanded; evident; apparent; unconcealed; manifest; public; conspicuous.
  • Patent (a.)
    Spreading; forming a nearly right angle with the steam or branch; as, a patent leaf.
  • Patent (a.)
    The right or privilege conferred by such a document; hence, figuratively, a right, privilege, or license of the nature of a patent.
  • Patent (v. t.)
    To grant by patent; to make the subject of a patent; to secure or protect by patent; as, to patent an invention; to patent public lands.
  • Patten (n.)
    A clog or sole of wood, usually supported by an iron ring, worn to raise the feet from the wet or the mud.
  • Patten (n.)
    A stilt.
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