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More About The Unscrambled Letters ENAKD

Our word unscrambler discovered 24 words from the 5 scrambled letters (A D E K N) you search for!

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What Can The Letters ENAKD Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ENAKD when you unscramble them.

  • Knead (v. t.)
    Fig.: To treat or form as by kneading; to beat.
  • Knead (v. t.)
    To work and press into a mass, usually with the hands; esp., to work, as by repeated pressure with the knuckles, into a well mixed mass, as the materials of bread, cake, etc.; as, to knead dough.
  • Naked (a.)
    Having no clothes on; uncovered; nude; bare; as, a naked body; a naked limb; a naked sword.
  • Naked (a.)
    Having no means of defense or protection; open; unarmed; defenseless.
  • Naked (a.)
    Mere; simple; plain.
  • Naked (a.)
    Not having the full complement of tones; -- said of a chord of only two tones, which requires a third tone to be sounded with them to make the combination pleasing to the ear; as, a naked fourth or fifth.
  • Naked (a.)
    Unprovided with needful or desirable accessories, means of sustenance, etc.; destitute; unaided; bare.
  • Naked (a.)
    Without addition, exaggeration, or excuses; not concealed or disguised; open to view; manifest; plain.
  • Naked (a.)
    Without pubescence; as, a naked leaf or stem; bare, or not covered by the customary parts, as a flower without a perianth, a stem without leaves, seeds without a pericarp, buds without bud scales.

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