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What Can The Letters ECRUL Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ECRUL when you unscramble them.

  • Cruel (a.)
    Attended with cruetly; painful; harsh.
  • Cruel (a.)
    Causing, or fitted to cause, pain, grief, or misery.
  • Cruel (a.)
    Disposed to give pain to others; willing or pleased to hurt, torment, or afflict; destitute of sympathetic kindness and pity; savage; inhuman; hard-hearted; merciless.
  • Cruel (n.)
    See Crewel.
  • Lucre (n.)
    Gain in money or goods; profit; riches; -- often in an ill sense.
  • Ulcer (n.)
    A solution of continuity in any of the soft parts of the body, discharging purulent matter, found on a surface, especially one of the natural surfaces of the body, and originating generally in a constitutional disorder; a sore discharging pus. It is distinguished from an abscess, which has its beginning, at least, in the depth of the tissues.
  • Ulcer (n.)
    Fig.: Anything that festers and corrupts like an open sore; a vice in character.
  • Ulcer (v. t.)
    To ulcerate.
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