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More About The Unscrambled Letters CREPINE

Our word unscrambler discovered 66 words from the 7 scrambled letters (C E E I N P R) you search for!

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What Can The Letters CREPINE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters CREPINE when you unscramble them.

  • Piecer (n.)
    A child employed in spinning mill to tie together broken threads.
  • Piecer (n.)
    One who pieces; a patcher.
  • Pierce (v. i.)
    To enter; to penetrate; to make a way into or through something, as a pointed instrument does; -- used literally and figuratively.
  • Pierce (v. t.)
    Fig.: To penetrate; to affect deeply; as, to pierce a mystery.
  • Pierce (v. t.)
    To penetrate; to enter; to force a way into or through; to pass into or through; as, to pierce the enemy's line; a shot pierced the ship.
  • Pierce (v. t.)
    To thrust into, penetrate, or transfix, with a pointed instrument.
  • pincer (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
  • Prince (a.)
    A title belonging to persons of high rank, differing in different countries. In England it belongs to dukes, marquises, and earls, but is given to members of the royal family only. In Italy a prince is inferior to a duke as a member of a particular order of nobility; in Spain he is always one of the royal family.
  • Prince (a.)
    The chief of any body of men; one at the head of a class or profession; one who is preeminent; as, a merchant prince; a prince of players.
  • Prince (a.)
    The one of highest rank; one holding the highest place and authority; a sovereign; a monarch; -- originally applied to either sex, but now rarely applied to a female.
  • Prince (a.)
    The son of a king or emperor, or the issue of a royal family; as, princes of the blood.
  • Prince (v. i.)
    To play the prince.
  • Recipe (n.)
    A formulary or prescription for making some combination, mixture, or preparation of materials; a receipt; especially, a prescription for medicine.
  • Repine (n.)
    Vexation; mortification.
  • Repine (v. i.)
    To continue pining; to feel inward discontent which preys on the spirits; to indulge in envy or complaint; to murmur.
  • Repine (v. i.)
    To fail; to wane.

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