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What Can The Letters BREAM Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters BREAM when you unscramble them.

  • Amber (a.)
    Consisting of amber; made of amber.
  • Amber (a.)
    Resembling amber, especially in color; amber-colored.
  • Amber (n.)
    A yellowish translucent resin resembling copal, found as a fossil in alluvial soils, with beds of lignite, or on the seashore in many places. It takes a fine polish, and is used for pipe mouthpieces, beads, etc., and as a basis for a fine varnish. By friction, it becomes strongly electric.
  • Amber (n.)
    Amber color, or anything amber-colored; a clear light yellow; as, the amber of the sky.
  • Amber (n.)
  • Amber (n.)
    The balsam, liquidambar.
  • Amber (v. t.)
    To preserve in amber; as, an ambered fly.
  • Amber (v. t.)
    To scent or flavor with ambergris; as, ambered wine.
  • Bream (n.)
    A European fresh-water cyprinoid fish of the genus Abramis, little valued as food. Several species are known.
  • Bream (n.)
    A marine sparoid fish of the genus Pagellus, and allied genera. See Sea Bream.
  • Bream (n.)
    An American fresh-water fish, of various species of Pomotis and allied genera, which are also called sunfishes and pondfishes. See Pondfish.
  • Bream (v. t.)
    To clean, as a ship's bottom of adherent shells, seaweed, etc., by the application of fire and scraping.
  • Embar (v. t.)
    To bar or shut in; to inclose securely, as with bars.
  • Embar (v. t.)
    To stop; to hinder by prohibition; to block up.

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