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More About The Unscrambled Letters BLUR

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What Can The Letters BLUR Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters BLUR when you unscramble them.

  • Blur (n.)
    A dim, confused appearance; indistinctness of vision; as, to see things with a blur; it was all blur.
  • Blur (n.)
    A moral stain or blot.
  • Blur (n.)
    That which obscures without effacing; a stain; a blot, as upon paper or other substance.
  • Blur (v. t.)
    To cause imperfection of vision in; to dim; to darken.
  • Blur (v. t.)
    To render obscure by making the form or outline of confused and uncertain, as by soiling; to smear; to make indistinct and confused; as, to blur manuscript by handling it while damp; to blur the impression of a woodcut by an excess of ink.
  • Blur (v. t.)
    To sully; to stain; to blemish, as reputation.
  • Burl (n.)
    A knot or lump in thread or cloth.
  • Burl (n.)
    An overgrown knot, or an excrescence, on a tree; also, veneer made from such excrescences.
  • Burl (v. t.)
    To dress or finish up (cloth); to pick knots, burs, loose threads, etc., from, as in finishing cloth.

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