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What Can The Letters TIKE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters TIKE when you unscramble them.

  • Kite (n.)
    A light frame of wood or other material covered with paper or cloth, for flying in the air at the end of a string.
  • Kite (n.)
    A lofty sail, carried only when the wind is light.
  • Kite (n.)
    A quadrilateral, one of whose diagonals is an axis of symmetry.
  • Kite (n.)
    Any raptorial bird of the subfamily Milvinae, of which many species are known. They have long wings, adapted for soaring, and usually a forked tail.
  • Kite (n.)
    Fictitious commercial paper used for raising money or to sustain credit, as a check which represents no deposit in bank, or a bill of exchange not sanctioned by sale of goods; an accommodation check or bill.
  • Kite (n.)
    Fig. : One who is rapacious.
  • Kite (n.)
    The belly.
  • Kite (n.)
    The brill.
  • Kite (v. i.)
    To raise money by \"kites;\" as, kiting transactions. See Kite, 6.
  • Tike (n.)
    A countryman or clown; a boorish person.
  • Tike (n.)
    A dog; a cur.
  • Tike (n.)
    A tick. See 2d Tick.

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