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More About The Unscrambled Letters FETO

Our word unscrambler discovered 11 words from the 4 scrambled letters (E F O T) you search for!

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What Can The Letters FETO Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters FETO when you unscramble them.

  • Eft (adv.)
    Again; afterwards; soon; quickly.
  • Eft (n.)
    A European lizard of the genus Seps.
  • Eft (n.)
    A salamander, esp. the European smooth newt (Triton punctatus).
  • Fet (n.)
    A piece.
  • Fet (p. p.)
  • Fet (p. p.)
    of Fette
  • Fet (v. t.)
    To fetch.
  • Foe (n.)
    An enemy in war; a hostile army.
  • Foe (n.)
    One who entertains personal enmity, hatred, grudge, or malice, against another; an enemy.
  • Foe (n.)
    One who opposes on principle; an opponent; an adversary; an ill-wisher; as, a foe to religion.
  • Foe (v. t.)
    To treat as an enemy.
  • Oft (a.)
    Frequent; often; repeated.
  • Oft (adv.)
    Often; frequently; not rarely; many times.
  • Toe (n.)
    A lateral projection at one end, or between the ends, of a piece, as a rod or bolt, by means of which it is moved.
  • Toe (n.)
    A projection from the periphery of a revolving piece, acting as a cam to lift another piece.
  • Toe (n.)
    Anything, or any part, corresponding to the toe of the foot; as, the toe of a boot; the toe of a skate.
  • Toe (n.)
    One of the terminal members, or digits, of the foot of a man or an animal.
  • Toe (n.)
    The fore part of the hoof or foot of an animal.
  • Toe (n.)
    The journal, or pivot, at the lower end of a revolving shaft or spindle, which rests in a step.
  • Toe (v. i.)
    To hold or carry the toes (in a certain way).
  • Toe (v. t.)
    To touch or reach with the toes; to come fully up to; as, to toe the mark.

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