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Our word unscrambler discovered 6 words from the 5 scrambled letters (B B E E M) you search for!

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What Can The Letters EMBEB Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters EMBEB when you unscramble them.

  • Bee ()
    p. p. of Be; -- used for been.
  • Bee (n.)
    A neighborly gathering of people who engage in united labor for the benefit of an individual or family; as, a quilting bee; a husking bee; a raising bee.
  • Bee (n.)
    An insect of the order Hymenoptera, and family Apidae (the honeybees), or family Andrenidae (the solitary bees.) See Honeybee.
  • Bee (n.)
    Pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit, to reeve the fore-topmast stays through; -- called also bee blocks.
  • Ebb (a.)
    Receding; going out; falling; shallow; low.
  • Ebb (n.)
    The European bunting.
  • Ebb (n.)
    The reflux or flowing back of the tide; the return of the tidal wave toward the sea; -- opposed to flood; as, the boats will go out on the ebb.
  • Ebb (n.)
    The state or time of passing away; a falling from a better to a worse state; low state or condition; decline; decay.
  • Ebb (v. i.)
    To flow back; to return, as the water of a tide toward the ocean; -- opposed to flow.
  • Ebb (v. i.)
    To return or fall back from a better to a worse state; to decline; to decay; to recede.
  • Ebb (v. t.)
    To cause to flow back.
  • Eme (n.)
    An uncle.

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